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Sample Routine - 3 day Rest Pause Training

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Sample Routine - 3 day Rest Pause Training

Post by Canuck Singh on Mon Mar 08, 2010 1:13 am

Day 1:

- Squat: Rep scheme = 50% 1RM for 8 fast reps (no lockouts)/80%RM for 2/70%RM for 6-8/90%RM for 2 = 4 sets
- Single Leg Squats: 2 sets x body weight using arms to hold on to support
- R/P Pendlay Rows: 10/x/y
Every rep starts from the ground
- R/P Bar Chin Ups with feet elevated: x/y/z
Only image I could find. You basically need to set it up with your feet elevated on a bench or chair. You place the bar where it will be stable inside the Power Rack.
- Calf Raises x body weight (bw)
- Single leg Calf Raises x bw
- Stretch, cardio etc.

Day 2:
- Bench Press: 3 sets
- Incline Press - 2 straight sets - 6-8 reps fast concentric
- Military Press - RP 10/x/y - goal 15-25reps*
- Push Press: 10 sets x 1 rep, 10 second breaks (alternative form of Rest Pause Training)
- Barbell Shoulder Shrug - 3 sets - progressive reps ie. first set 10, then add 10lbs and go to failure, add 10lbs
- Dips RP x/y/z (can be between bench and chair)
- Tricep overhead Barbell extension: 2 sets
- Skull Crushers on bench: 2 sets
- Stretch, cardio etc.
Day 3:

- SLDL/RDL/Deadlift - 3 straight sets - start with weight for a stiff leg dead lift, progress to RDL, progress to deadlift
- Good mornings - 1 straight set
- Hamstring work: whatever you got at home
- Bicep Barbell Curls: 2 sets
- Reverse Barbell Curl - 2 sets = 1 narrow grip, 1 wide grip
- Wrist Curls & Wrist extensions: 1 set back to back
- Abdominal work
- Stretch, cardio etc.

Extra Info:
Warm Ups:
- Incorporate 5 minutes of body warm up to break a sweat and get the blood moving
- Complete at least 3 lighter weight sets for the muscle group to acclimate to training

RP sets:
- For exercises, choose a weight you can do for 10 reps first, then take a 10-20s break, before completing x, or y reps
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