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Time Course for Adaptations

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Time Course for Adaptations Empty Time Course for Adaptations

Post by Canuck Singh on Mon Mar 08, 2010 1:45 am

4 to 6 weeks for growth according to some of the latest research out of Japan. The study consisted of one group of 24 men and women resistance training on MedX machines 3 times per week and another group of 13 men and women as non-training control group. The study lasted for 12 weeks.

The weight training group were apparently not novices, but had not performed weight training exercise for the last 12 months. This would be an important consideration. Also, a rather pathetic weight training program was incorporated. However, subjects were monitored and encouraged to increase poundages regularly, a key factor in obtaining results in weight training studies.

12-8 RM range was incorporated with six isolation-type exercise that worked the whole body each session. This protocol was used the entire program. Leg extensions, leg curls, biceps curls, triceps extension etc. Who the <peace> grows muscle training like that?

Muscle thickness was measured using ultrasound equipment at 8 anatomical sites. Results showed that changes (muscle growth) can be seen in as little as 4 weeks particularly in upper body muscle mass. Significant muscle growth can be produced within 6 weeks.

Not surprising, with no compound leg movements in the program, significant changes in lower body muscle were not seen. Significant strength increases were seen within two weeks. The researchers suspect that significant growth probably occurs even earlier than these results indicate, however, current measurement techniques may not be sensitive enough to pick up the smaller initial increases. Also, these subjects ate just their normal diet.

Imagine what would have happened if these researches put the subjects on a decently structured strength program and increased the quality and the and amount of protein they ingested.

REF Time course for strength and muscle thickness changes following upper and lowerbody resistance training in men and women. Eur.J. Appl. Physiol. 2000 81:174-180.
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