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Order of well being - the Divine Gift

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Order of well being - the Divine Gift

Post by hSingh on Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:25 pm

In literature and academia, it was Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Gobind Singh alone who became equally proficient in composing poetry in several languages besides Punjabi, such as Sanskrit, Braj Bhasha, Arabian and Persian, some even not of Indian origin. Writing poetry is one thing but encouraging and supporting a group of fifty two other poets of highest caliber under one roof, is another? At the same time, he saw to it that other fine arts are equally encouraged amongst his followers. The specimen of Gurmukhi Calligraphy written by his expert hands is still preserved on the leaves of some copies of Holy Scriptures of his time as well as inscriptions on several of his Hukumnamas (9). If it were not enough, a special gene for musical skill was equally evident in his mastery of playing Rebeck, Mirdang and Hand-drums (10)

Often times, the religious men of God usually try to ignore their health. For them it is not much of concern as it only relates to the mortal body. Guru Gobind Singh, on the other hand, was not only blessed with an excellent health but he wanted to make it doubly sure that his followers and disciples also maintain their strong physiques. Daily exercises of the muscles and competition in athletic martial arts as well as exercises for the soul for spiritual uplift became one of the greatest passions of this great General of Khalsa. He considered the physical prowess to be as sacred as spiritual sensitiveness, for this was the need of the time (11). A great educationist as he was, he resolved that none of his Sikhs shall remain illiterate, young or old. In fact Guru ji deputed five of his devout Sikhs to Benaras, the then seat of religious learning, to achieve proficiency in Sanskrit and train into ancient Indian literature. (12)

-Canuck Singh


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