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Three Tennets and applying it to our lives

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Three Tennets and applying it to our lives Empty Three Tennets and applying it to our lives

Post by hSingh on Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:30 pm

Coming upon a new year, and ultimately resolutions, challenges, and new ways of doing or thinking, one can not help but ponder the 'change' that we either attempt to block or accept in our lives.

Change is all that ever happens and all that has ever been, and it makes or breaks our place in life.

This leads one to wonder, what is it that this moment holds that can keep me here, to be happy, healthy, and joyful.

The mind is such, that in an instant it is attracted to one thought, and in another attracted to another. What the mind thinks, there the body goes and the hands and feed doing its bidding.

One thing, we invariably all struggle with, is with balancing our duties in life and whether or not we have time for any spiritual development.

If all we ever found was that we are susceptible to living in accordance with our duties in life, then wonder whether that is living at all. Joy, anger, frustration, all just temporal events along this string so called our life, our life story.

If life was all merely a compulsion to do our work, day to day and play our role, then we would be no better than machines, computers, which by the lack of emotional intelligence are capable of expounding knowledge about this Universe in ways the human mind is limited, at speeds at which the human populace can not even keep pace.

Were we only to complete our duties and work and think over and over again how to accomplish and be dutiful, then what was the purpose of some of the greatest thinkers of our times to delve beyond the realm of thought...

Many have probably heard and know of great names such as Newton, Plank, Einstein,

Einstein once said:
“The most fundamental decision that you have to make in your life: Do I live in a friendly or a hostile universe?”

What wonder and amazement must have trickled forward from that conscious awakening from a bright mind that was consumed with amazing thoughts and revelations that shape the way we understand the physical Universe today. Amidst all these thoughts one must come to wonder, why such a genius mind would wander into the realms of philosophical thought and contemplation.

Yet another profound example, that of Max Planck as he accepted his Nobel Prize in Physics for his works on Atom; “As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science to the study of matter, I can tell you as the result of my research about atoms this much: there is no matter as such… All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Devoted his whole life to the most 'clear headed' science! Mustn't he have been implying the capacity to capture something within the mind that is beyond thought? Even amidst such wonderous studies of the most particulate matter of the Universe, in the absence of thought, this scientist came to the One singular realisation. This state of "Awareness" led to the understanding that he so succinctly summarises as 'This mind is the matrix of all matter".

In this world, we must come upon wonder and amazement, realising that in each and every moment 'nothing is ever Not happening'.

Descartes once famously stated "I think, therefore I am"

Yet, today as the masses awaken from a sleeping slumber of conformity and due diligence, thought is not the only thing that motivates as humanity steps forward into the new millenium.

Rather, one must expand on the virtues of past ideas and concepts, and state "I am aware that I think, therefore, I am the awareness behind thought, else all I would be is thought".


Perhaps it is this state, that even the greatest intellectual minds of history had just a 'blip' of experience after a lifetime of struggling deeply with thought, existence, the Infinite of the Universe. This concept Infinite.


It can not be comprehended, even if you were to try a million times, and scribe it with a pen, decorate it as art

As we step into each new year, and more importantly each new day, what is it that can help us as individuals to experience these 'blips' of conscious awareness on a more regular basis. What is preventing us from experiencing contentment, and wonder in our lives?

Shall we be blissfully ignorant to the fact that we are alive, beings, with the capacity to tap into infinite pools of love? Or can we wait until someone provides the answers for one question, until it raises furthermore many?

What is this rather secretive grand idea that is alluded to by so many, yet found by so few?

At the most basic level, the personal self, the I that is identified as the individual, sets the slate for which change can develop. The mind is the challenge, and the tools we need to develop and nurture the Spirit, require this mind to become silent.

Daily positive affirmations are a powerful tool to do this, but even they are merely a part of dichotomous and dualistic nature. For every single negative thought, we can counter it with affirming ourselves with a positive thought. This is a powerful tool indeed.

However, some say their greatest thoughts and experiences in life come from moments of silence, utter calm. These 'epiphanies' seem to have no bound to their capacity to Inspire, and be sources of considerable strength. It is between thoughts of anxieties of our future, and dwelling's upon our past that this unique place is entered. It is indeed silence, it is indeed Now, it is indeed this subtle point that provides glimpses of tranquility.

So, how do we reach this state, if we have many thoughts, many emotions, much life to ponder over and solve?

For this, we must ask ourselves... Why are we knocking at the Guru's door?

The purpose of awakening and meditating is with Purpose, and thus our outlook must be one that our life's Purpose will be served...

The purpose of which is to unite the thought-waves (Surat) to the Shabad.

The duty (Kartav) requires us to live Truthfully. This is achieved by the way of True life (Jeevan Jugat), and one pointedness of Surti. The Guru's Glance of Grace sorts out our life (Lok-parlok). This awakens True Love, Intense longing and affection. In this way, desire (Bhavnee) awakens and mental strength increases.

Obtaining Naam Nivaas - This is the stage, after meditating (Abiyas Kamaee), that being that controls thoughts (Furniya Nu Lai Karda Hoiya), arrives at the door of state of Bliss.

The ultimate state of being, which is received by the Guru's Grace, is Gazing upon the Divine Vision...

Indeed, once one awakens to this path, the Gurmat lifestyle, one can not be held back from this awakening Spirit from within. All of one's thoughts are broken of any bounds, and single minded intuitiveness drives the beings conscious to desire higher states of being.

This is why, amidst all our life's duties the middle path of householder is bound to the 3 basic tennets: That is to do Simran, Sewa, and Kirat Karauna (Meditate upon Waheguru, Serve by ones own means, and work by the sweat of one's brow)

In daily life, Simran can take the place as simply meditating or singing upon Waheguru, reciting the Mul Mantar, or joining into the Awe and Inspiration of the Panj Bani's (Jap Ji - to meditate upon the Lord, Jaap - to salute/praise the Lord, Tav Prasad Swaiye - to be provided Sikhia/understanding of one's purpose/place in the world, Kabyo Bach Baynti Chaupai - to desire Grace (Baynti) from the Source, and consolidated as Anand (Bliss) upon knowing the Lord and the Creation as well Purpose of life).

When one, even takes a singular daily effort upon this path, changes themselves by accepting that change is all there ever is, single mindedly how can the Panj Vikaar (kaam , krodh, lobh, moh, hankar; lust, anger, greed, materialism, ego) even come into the being? Although they are a part of the nature of the mind, the mind is constantly being focussed to reach that GAP, where there is only Essence and awareness.

The one who cleanses the inner self in the morning, is also aware of cleansing one's outerself. The one who desires inner peace in the morning, is also aware that they must spread that Peace, that Source of Giving into the world.

So each morning, even if the task is as simple as writing a letter to say you appreciate someone, just making effort to share ones earnings by finally saying 'yes' to charity, or perhaps merely providing someone hug and taking care of their physical, mental, spiritual needs. At the very least something can create that state of compassion. Ultimately serving with humility and imbibing these characteristics in others as much as we desire them in ourselves.

When the sun rises, the birds begin to whistle, and the dawn of the fast paced life cleverly approaches us inch by inch. We have the potential to bring forth our Spirit into our daily lives. Just as after all this time the sun never says to the earth ‘you owe me,' why shun the light that you endeavored to acquire when getting on with your duty in life? Inspiration, compassion, intuition, all these wonderful characteristics are available to you to take with you as you earn and work. "The hands do the work, yet the tongue chants the Name. Swas Swas Simran is the love of life's game."
When we meet a surly person, we must ask ourselves, how can I bring thoughts, expressions, phrases and ideas, to make this situation into one of wonder and enlightenment. Just as if when a birds wings are covered with filth, you need not wipe it off with your hand, just show the bird where is the water with which it can dip its wings. We all have the capacity to soar, but we have not realised this potential.

For this I can only leave this one last poem to be pondered upon:
“Make me a channel of your peace
where there is hatred let me bring your love
Where there is injury pardon
where there is doubt of faith in you
Where there is a despair life let me bring hope
Where there is darkness only bring like
Where there is sadness ever joy

So much to be consoled as console
TO be on a sword as to understand
To be loved as with love with all my soul
Make me a channel of your peace

When giving up ourselves then we receive
When in dying we are born to eternal

So much as to be consoled as to console
To be understood so as to understand
TO be loved as to love with all my soul
Make me a channel of your peace
It is a part of me that we are a part of love
That giving up ourselves that we receive
And in dying we are born to eternal love”
- Skye dyer


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