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Training Program - 3 day Rest Pause Training

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Training Program - 3 day Rest Pause Training

Post by Canuck Singh on Mon Mar 08, 2010 1:10 am

Here is a basic Rest Pause Training Package on a 3 day split

Day 1:
- Squat - 4 + 1 straight sets - goal 6-8 clean reps (the last set should be a light weight for 12-20 reps straight out)
- Machine Calves - 3 sets RP - goal 20-30 reps* (see asterix below to make sense of this)
- Machine Hamstrings Work - 3 sets RP - 15-25 reps
- Lunges
- Abs - 4 sets of any exercises you like - aim 10-15 slow reps
- Stretch
Day 2:
- Bench Press Machine - 3 sets RP - goal 15-25 reps*
- Dumbbell Bench Press - 2 straight sets - 6-8 reps fast concentric
- Shoulder Press Machine - 3 sets RP - goal 15-25reps*
- Barbell Shoulder Press - 2 straight sets - 6-8 reps fast concentric
- Barbell Shoulder Shrug - 3 sets - progressive reps ie. first set 10, then add 10lbs and go to failure, add 10lbs
- Push ups ( 3 variations) to finish
- Stretch
Day 3:
- Deadlift - 3 straight sets - progressive reps ie. first set 10, then add 10lbs and go to failure, add 10lbs (concentrate on form)
- Pull down machine - 3 sets RP - goal 15-25 reps
- Cable Row - 3 sets RP - goal 15-25 reps
- Bicep curls - 3 sets of ur choosing - go for 5-8 reps (no supersets, its a small muscle, just train it hard and stop)
- Tricep work - 3 sets of ur choosing - same as above, you can mix it up with biceps
- Here you can add any extra work like a 2nd session of abs, or other body weight work
- Stretches
Now here are some more details:
- You complete each workout on M, W, F, as above. The goal is to get the reps you need to see progression every week. Each time you get your goal, next week you either add more weight or more reps (no forced reps or getting your spotter to do the work for you). This is to capitalize on the time under tension that will force muscles to adapt and grow.
- Concentrate on form, especially on the machine exercises. You need to make sure you control your reps especially going down. You can't just push the weight forward and let it fall back due to gravity!
- IT IS NOT ABOUT HIGH VOLUME: It is all about low volume and INTENSE training. This is what will help you to achieve your goals.
* Okay, I am teaching you a new type of training called RP training or rest pause. Basically when you do your set, you go heavy and intense. These are done on machines for safety and for progression reasons. Let's take the Hammer Strength Bench for example. Say you knock on 2 plates each side, and the first set you push out 9 reps. This is 9 clean full range reps to the point you could not get 10 (don't try to get 10), then you take 10 deep breathes, that's right, about 20s-30s break, and go for as many reps you can, say you get 6, then 10 breathes, and again say you get 3. You have now completed 18RP reps, and the goal next time is to either get more reps in the range of 15-25, or to add more weight until you can only get 15 at a time.
- Complete this cycle for 8 weeks and if you want you can also change up the exercises and add a second set of exercises for each day. For example, if the workouts I wrote are A1, A2, A3, then you can make another set of the same MUSCLE GROUPS, but different exercises called B1, B2, B3 (for example, day 1 would be Leg Press, Calf raises with DB in hands, stiff leg deadlift for hamstrings, single leg squats, and Ab machine exercises). You would then alternate A's with B's based on how you feel your are progressing. If you find that A2 is too easy for example, you can do A1, B2, A3 in one week, and then in the next week try a blast with B1, A2, B3, for example.

I want you to write up a B1, B2, B3 schedule, so you get used to selecting the exercises yourself and making a smart low volume program. You will have to wash away your old conditioned patterns of thinking in regards to getting rid of Supersets, 21's, and all that lard that you have learned in magazines or in gyms. Got iT!

Basically, this is a sample plan, but you have to learn to come up with your own set of exercises, based on your gym set up, and goals.
Canuck Singh
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