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10 for which I am in Gratitude

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10 for which I am in Gratitude Empty 10 for which I am in Gratitude

Post by hSingh on Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:41 pm

1.Jap - Meditation
Word ‘Vaheguru’ was imparted (by Guru Nanak) to the people.(1) - Bhai Gurdass Ji Vaaran
Firstly, I am ever Grateful for the Light that dispelled the mist, the wonderful gift of meditation on the Ultimate 'Vaheguru'. Simran and Jap came hand and hand and each day do I cleanse with these.
Today, perhaps more than ever, is the need to spread this Mantar unto the lips of the rest of the world...

2. Education - Rationalism
Guru Angad Dev ji started the schools and also developed the Gurmukhi language in order to make education available to the downtrodden and the underprivileged of the society at that time -
Second, I am so ever Grateful for the intellectual reverence portrayed to all Sikhs. The concepts of rationalism and utilizing the capacity of a Universal pool of shared knowledge to enhance the journey of humanities time on this earth. Wonderful and I am so elated to recognize this basic human right which so few have.
Today it is ever so necessary to educate and uplift the masses from the sleeping slumber of arrogance and assimilation...

3. Langar - Free Kitchen
Arranging for and putting in woods into the hearth of langar (free kitchen) for the Congregation is equal to the riddhis, siddhis and the nine treasures. - Bhai Gurdass Ji Vaaran
Thirdly, O' forever Grateful am I for the strengthening of the Free Kitchen. Where all could sit equally in 'pangat' in humility, have opportunity to serve, and engage with community. For which we do Ardaas every day.
Today does science reveal the healing and uplifting powers of Altruism...

4. Union - Soul Bride
"They are not said to be husband and wife who merely sit together. Rather they alone are called husband and wife, who have one soul in two bodies." - Ang 788
Fourth, and forever grateful, am I for this wonderful revelation. The bodies are two, the soul is One. The Soul-bride when it becomes pure and acceptable to the Lord, does it meet in Union. The dreamer becomes the dream.
Today, does the stark realities of kaam which is at every level of society, enslaving people literally and figuratively, is there a need for the recognition of the True marriage and the True journey. Marriage in this way is the future...

5. Sewa - Sacrifice
For the remembrance of the Lord, He created the whole creation. - Ang 263 Sukhmani 'Song of Peace'
Fifth, even of 5 items a list would not do to write of the Gratitude I feel. A tenth of income, selfless giving of the self, all of these are service to the One. However, nothing is more great, more wonderful, more peaceful than the Ultimate Sacrifice that will be remembered until time immemorial:
"Teraa kee-aa meethaa laagai. - O Waheguru! Your actions seem so sweet to me.
Har naam padaarath naanak maaNgai. - Nanak begs for the treasure of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. - Repeated by the 5th Master"
Today, we will never see again such awe inspiring beauty in acts of callous anger and hate. Such is the beauty, the vision of God, that if realized pain and pleasure are equal. Today the world needs healing and the Song of Peace can accomplish such a feat...

6. Miri - Piri
Daily exercises of the muscles and competition in athletic martial arts as well as exercises for the soul for spiritual uplift -
Sixth, I am so grateful for the initiation eloquently described in the above statement. In Sikh Dharma, neither was mind, body, nor soul neglected as important to wholesome well being. These concepts, when combined, sealed the authority of sovereignty over self and in the realm of life in the world. That all people should stand up for their right to live as free and bountiful souls of the One God.
Today, we see the ever increasing flood of disease and self indulgence. Barriers and borders that divide us. But what then Divines us? I believe Einstein put it best in saying "The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don't do anything about it". Sikh Spirituality dictates that this human life is about proactive and positive action in this world of doubt and allusion.

7. Compassion - Healing
As a very young child he was disturbed by the suffering of a flower damaged by his robe in passing. -
Seven, Sat, True and Grateful, am I. This compassion was bountiful and ever a store house of wonder. This compassion revealed Herbal medicine, the uplift of animal welfare, and so much more. "The Guru also established an Aurvedic (herbal medicine) hospital and a research center at Kiratpur Sahib. There he also maintained a zoo - above link".
Today, as the world is consumed by toxic medicine, intoxicants, and psycho-tropic allusory media drugs and more, there is the great need for Compassionate healing and the recognition of Nature's Healing qualities, and the Hamony that is needed between man and the ever devoured Nature. Today there is such need.

8. Innocence - Wisdom
Guru Harkrishan Sahib in Delhi with the city in the grip of an epidemic. Guru Ji went all over the city through narrow lanes and gave succour to all in anguish without any discrimination. -
Eight, infinite the symbol, for which I am gratefully reminded of the One Lord who prevails all beings. We cherish when children come into the world, cherish the memories of our innocence, and when we grow up wish to be children again. This reminder of our True way of living in the world, to be timeless, is the greatest glance of wisdom that can be received and ultimately achieved by Guru's Grace.
Today, as children lose their innocence so easily, as the diseases spread unto the world, there is an ever great need for a return to innocent living, and a dose of Spiritual wisdom to guide our personal lives yonder, and forevermore...

9. Nobility - Dharma
Nine, Nau Nidh, Nine Gates, the 9 are received, and the 9 are closed by contemplating upon the noblest sacrifice that humanity has ever borne witness. How can I write of the glories without taking a moment to wipe fresh tears from my eye. The path of righteousness was forever in my heart sealed, by the Drop of Love cradled by the one upon whom we meditate
Today, as people lose hope, give in to the 5 vikaars, turn blind and are mislead, there is a need to recognize this sacrifice. This sacrifice that the UN only in recent times has recognized as a need. One day history will recognize that the equality of all people, the equality of women, and religious tolerance and acceptance began in the land of 5 rivers...

10. Purity - Victory
“For this purpose was I born, let all virtuous people understand. I was born to advance righteousness, to emancipate the good, and to destroy all evil-doers root and branch.” -
Ten, I am so grateful for what began in 1500's as Panch Parvan, Charan Pahul was consolidated and ultimately revealed as Panj Pyare and Khande Bate Ki Pahul. The sweet splendour of personal success and upliftment that comes with the constant grace of this reminder, the keeper of a store house of wonder and amazement can not be described. It is an experience to be had, and not shared. The 10th Gate has been revealed to me, life's purpose has become an ease, and the interesting details of life take care of themselves. I am forever a sacrifice unto the One
Today, the Divine principles are ever linear and bountiful as ever. What is good for the brain is good for the body is good for the spirit. Sadhana, Dharma, and all things have been consolidated and revealed, and will ever remain so...


-Canuck Singh


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